Top 14 WordPress Job Board Plugins in 2023

WordPress job board plugins can be counted as a blessing to employers since they allow them to list their job openings and new candidates to post their job applications. Better the website, more the chances of new hires getting attracted to your organization.

WordPress is one such portal that allows organizations to download themes for their online portals and add necessary attributes with the aid of their job board plugins. It is handled by Matt Mullenweg and several others and is the most used website management system online.

While some of these themes are provided for free, users can also grab premium paid ones. These plugins give organizations a platform to connect with candidates and freelancers with its many to choose from features.

Business organizations opt for this method for hunting new talent as it is available for almost no money. Although they have to give money to access some of the premium qualities, it is still a cheap and viable option.

This way, organizations spend very little and gain a lot more. They can make use of WordPress’s job plugins to advertise new employment opportunities available in their firm.

Using these facilities and their features may be a cakewalk, but what’s actually a toughie is choosing the best website template and other necessary elements. You won’t have to be baffled by it anymore, for this article has come to your rescue!

Because by the end of it, you will have the clarity of selecting the best plugin and make necessary edits on your already running webpage.


Why Companies Use Plugins

Organizations make use of WordPress’s job portal pages to make their presence online. Since everyone is using the web these days and applicants would instead look for job opportunities online rather than contact agencies for the same, it has become a compulsion for organizations to evolve as well. That is where these plugins come in.


They will help companies with listing jobs on their website without spending any money or significantly less of it. For example, companies dealing with HR processors can refer to certain websites related to cloud based payroll solution to get a better view while choosing a WordPress theme.

WordPress plugins allow organizations an easy way to manage their website, and it ensures a systematic flow of information so that the hiring party doesn’t get confused.


Best WordPress Job Plugins

Given below are some of the best and most used plugins by organizations.


WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager will aid a company’s website to switch into a job portal with the lending hand of specific attributes. It is up for grabs for zero price on WordPress.

Not only does it aim towards delivering top-notch quality products for free without compromising its standards, but it also makes sure your job portal looks similar to the admin homepage so that they don’t differ. It provides some free-to-use and some paid characteristics for extra add-ons.

Job manager will offer an accessible and convenient connection so that the applicants that visit your website don’t feel confused about applying for a post.


WP Job Board

For organizations that are willing to change their entire webpage into a job hirees attraction or insert an extra ‘careers’ feature, JobBoard will be the best choice. This version of WP isn’t free and requires a premium package purchase.

It provides better quality characteristics like providing job seekers with details about the organization and the position, so they know whom and what to apply for. Hirees can also create resumes on the portal and upload them directly on the site. This helps hirers filter candidates according to their skillsets.


Apply Online

Apply Online is a free WP job board plugin. With its accessible user-friendly network, organizations can divide the forms, oversee them, and quickly assess candidates’ profiles.

Apart from the non-payable qualities, Apply Online also provides a few premium ones like Application Tracker which allows hirees to make resumes, apply for jobs, and edit details. Examples of this include Internshala,, etc.

They also provide job-seekers with benefits like email or text reminders whenever organizations react to their applications and chat alternatives with representatives on the site.


WP Job Openings

WP Job Openings is a free to use job plugin which provides companies with filters on their networking site based on what type of employees they are looking for, the total number of years of experience, location, etc., so that only candidates who meet their demands can fill the form.

Much like the others, this job board also comes with premium features like allowing multiple job postings targeting specific audiences, text notifications, etc.



This sturdy job board theme will pay you for posting your new job ads. JobRoller also provides you with different segments to post blogs and other related articles right on the website. Other qualities, just like the others, include job seekers making their profiles, building CVs, and set filters based on their likings.

It helps users set up everything real quick with its powerful options.


Simple Job Board

Companies can make use of this super handy available for free job board tool to post placement ads and customize them easily right on the web. One added feature of Simple Job Board is that users can post about their position openings on other pages too.

Other characteristics include multiple file uploads wherein candidates can post their CVs and images, which are accepted in any format like PDF, jpg, or Docx. These documents, if uploaded, are stored on secure platforms.


Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is the only form creator that provides modern approaches to upscale your form. It comes packed with qualities that let you show your application on the browser. Users can make changes in the site or remove them from anywhere.

It provides job hirers with automatic form-filling features, i.e., they can fill in known details of the candidates like name, email address, phone number, etc.



WPForms is a rather famous board that provides users with templates to generate and customize forms by filling in standard details like name, email, home address, etc. Notifications and confirmation messages can be sent to candidates once you obtain their forms.

Apart from that, it also lets website owners add cessation dates on the forms.



weForms is an easily accessible online form plugin. It comes with simple and quick customizations, meaning users can preview and check forms on one page. It allows easy export facilities in case if one wants to utilize the same form for other job sites. Apart from that, hirers can also include a limit on the number of applications they accept.

Other characteristics include form preview, text alerts, reCAPTCHA security to say safe from spam, etc.


Job Board Manager

Job Board Manager is an awesome tool for attaching placement posts on your networking site. It is effortless to use and comes with qualities that help showcase job openings.

It also provides free added advantages like company information options and other widgets. Users can also utilize premium factors to handle forms online.


WP Job Hunter

WP Job Hunter is a monetary and useful job instrument that posts job placements. It uploads them on domains like, Indeed, etc., and aims to advertise about your vacancies.

It’s a properly furnished tool that permits connectivity with famous job webpages and is really effective to add extra attributes to your posts.



JobEngine is designed to make a mighty strong job posting site. It helps users create a webpage just to welcome new candidates on their site. It will enable them to make profiles. A fee can be taken from those wanting to post their work places, or they can also buy premium packages for the same.

It also has several display control options like different color options and other design variables for the board. It provides translation facilities for websites that are in languages other than English.


Jobs For WordPress

Jobs for WordPress helps upload your work openings in an organized style. It will enable users to strain jobs based on the format that Google recognizes. It provides features like managing your posts, evaluating and editing them before uploading, live preview, customized checklists, copy and paste options, etc.



Jobseek is a pay to use WordPress theme with several facilities. It provides job project strainers, placement forms, listing templates, a dashboard, and managing tools for candidates.

Users can also set up deadlines for submitting forms, sending candidates alerts regarding the post, and other necessary characteristics. Other attributes include a throughgoing theme, built-in functions, attractive designs, etc.


Final Note

WordPress job plugins are an amazing tool for lending a hand to companies wanting to post vacancies. on their websites. The tools listed above are, in my opinion, the best ones to utilize.


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