8 Key Proven Social Media Marketing Plan For eCommerce Businesses

Social Media Marketing has become the most effective platform for marketers and business owners. However, marketers should also change their social media marketing strategy to keep customers updated with the ever-changing trends.

This year, the overall number of active social media users has now risen to 4.33 billion. Your chances of reaching, engaging, and converting customers increases with the growing social community.

This article will take you through 8 Key Proven Social Media Marketing Plan For eCommerce Business.

Proven Social Media Marketing Plan For eCommerce Businesses

These strategies perfectly match with the latest trends and are crucial to increasing your Business’s performance.

Develop Specific Social Media Marketing Objectives

Develop Specific Social Media Marketing Objectives.png

First and foremost, you must set a specific social media marketing objective. Previously, digital marketing and social media marketing strategies were aligned. However, Social media marketing objectives should be specific and separated from digital marketing strategies.

Your social media objectives should be consistent with your entire marketing strategy. Implement changes on your social media marketing plan based on –

  • Customers’ behavior and actions (Likes, Followings, Expectations, etc.)
  • Competitors’ actions (Competitors Products, Store management, Promotion strategies, etc.)
  • Business type,
  • client engagements that are currently in effect (Meeting Expectations, Enhancing experience)

Once you understand your customers, you can serve them with your business efficiently. People want to engage with businesses that understand their expectations. So, You must be aware of your competitors’ activity to identify and correct your flaws.

Create a Variety of Content Types

Create a variety of content types.png

You can post the same content, such as images on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. Yet, you can post a variety of content such as videos, blog articles, infographics. You can post the same content on every social media platform, but that’s an old approach.

Because people are eager for something new, your product promotion plan should incorporate some variety. Posting the same content type on different social media platforms will bore your audience. You will get less response when customers see the same content compared to others with variations.

Provide your consumers with something fresh to keep them interested in your content. From different content, you will get different responses and valuable insights. As a result, you will learn your customer’s intentions, buying patterns, and expectations and engage with them.

If you can provide valuable information by your content, people will rely on it. They also may become your valuable customers in time. Before creating and posting any content, learn about the social media channel first.

Utilize Social Micro-Influencers to Your Advantage

Utilize Social Micro-Influencers to Your Advantage.png

Nowadays, Social media influencers can impact a vast group of people because of their big fanbase. Partnering with a renowned influencer is beneficial for eCommerce businesses in many ways. It will help you expand your marketing reach and improve your reputation.

Keeping this in mind, many companies seek out influencers with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of followers. In this way, you can represent your brand to a massive audience within a short period.

Team up with micro-influencers with a smaller fan base, including hundreds to thousands of followers. The reason is simple; smaller fan followers are more oriented and eager to engage. In addition, you can easily connect with micro-influencers compared to social media celebrities.

Make Capital of Customer Loyalty

Make capital of Customer Loyalty.png

Loyal customers can uphold your brand identity effectively on social media. They are responsible for spreading your brand far and wide on social media.

Satisfied customers provide vital social evidence and increase your business exposure. Social proofs can quickly build people’s confidence in your company.

Social media has become an excellent tool when it comes to improving brand awareness. Motivated brand ambassadors may skyrocket your business’s popularity. You have to motivate the brand advocates with proper strategies.

Here are some steps that you can take-

  • Requesting feedback and review on social media sites such as Facebook.
  • Encourage satisfied customers to post content that indicates the excellent experience they had with your business.
  • Interviewing happy consumers and posting their testimonials on social media.
  • Organize competitions, freebies, and incentives to encourage people.

Your loyal customers will generate compelling content and manage your social media for you.

Promote with Stories

Promote with stories.png

While selling, you can also implement an educational approach rather than being fully commercial. Telling a story is another kind of educational approach to selling on social media.

Storytelling is not always about teaching your audience about something new. It establishes a context that connects your subject to a real-life scenario or person. These situations and characters can inspire your customer’s emotions.

Customers buying decisions are primarily based on their emotional attachments. So, you should trigger your customers’ emotions with stories. Emotional triggers can motivate people to take actions rather than relentless self-promotion.

Integrate Augmented and Virtual Reality

Integrate Augmented and Virtual Reality.png

Consumers are growing increasingly interested in unique experiences and innovative features. As a result, social media platforms are using virtual and augmented reality as a marketing tool.

With augmented reality, users can add numerous elements to a live view of a person or object. With Virtual reality, users can get an immersive experience that separates them from the outside world. Many companies are currently engaging with augmented and virtual reality to enhance audience engagement.

Augmented and virtual reality enables your customers to get a clear idea about products, brands, and services. As a result, you can innovatively influence your customers’ buying journey, essential for business growth.

If you haven’t already, think about how you could use augmented or virtual reality in your social media marketing plan.

Optimize Product Feed Marketing

Optimize Product Feed marketing.png

Your product representation on social media should be carefully optimized.  If you are posting something without optimizing the product information, you are doing it wrong.

The product feed carries all your product information in a specific file format. You can directly upload your product feed on social media platforms.

Uploading product information as a post and sharing it on social media platforms is an old approach. With an optimized WooCommerce product feed, uploading product information becomes effortless. You only need to set up your store or business page on a social media network, then move the feed to that platform.

WooCommerce’s product feed is both error-prone and well-optimized. As a result, the product representation is precise when you’re making ads or marketing your product.

Different social media platforms have their own set of requirements for product data presentation. You may use some WooCommerce plugins to create product feeds for any social media network, though.

Feature Live Streaming and Videos

Feature Live Streaming and Videos.png

Video marketing and live streaming aren’t really new concepts on the board. Over the last few years, video content’s use, effectiveness, and acceptability have increased rapidly. Nowadays, it has become a significant format of the social media marketing plan with increasing popularity.

Customers trust video content because it demonstrates product features using a real person. Users can also get a good sense of the product they’re looking for by watching a video. People are more engaged with videos than with images or text because they are more appealing.

The latest trend of video content allows users to connect in a group video conversation. With this feature, customers and business owners can connect in live video sessions.

With Facebook live video, you can connect with your audience legitimately. This kind of authentic way is impossible in numerous other content formats. Moreover, you can always repurpose your live videos for several other reasons.

You’re already behind if you’re not leveraging video content in your social media marketing plan. While using the live streaming option, you can engage with your customers and get feedback right away.


Social media marketing channels are no doubt the best way to promote businesses and generate sales. Your social media marketing plan should always change with the changing trends on the market.

By ensuring the changes, you will reap all of the benefits and compete effectively in the market. Invest in strategies that connect with your brand rather than following trends at random.

We have mentioned some proven social media marketing plans for eCommerce businesses. If you can implement these strategies appropriately, your business will outshine in the market for sure.

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