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  • What is WordPress? A Complete Guide on Everything You Should Know in 2021
    WordPress has made website building accessible to anyone, even people who are not even developers. You can use WordPress to create any type of website you imagine. With the help of themes and plugins, you can create almost any kind of website. So, what is WordPress? In the simplest form, it is the most popular way to create any website or blog. WordPress is like the operating system of your website. It might not be the only platform for building websites but it is the leading one among the alternatives.   What Is WordPress? WordPress is a website building platform and content management system (CMS) that enables anyone to run and maintain a website without writing a single line of coding. Nowadays, WordPress is the most popular website platform for building a website without any cost.   What Is CMS? WordPress is an open-source CMS, which means that anyone can use or modify its software for free. A content management system is a tool that makes it easy to manage different aspects of your website without knowing anything about programming. Here are a few examples of the types of websites you can create with WordPress: Blogs, E-commerce website, Business website, Membership website, Portfolio website, Forum website, Event website, E-learning website, etc.   What Is the Difference Between or If you search “WordPress” on Google, you will be confused with the results. Since there are two versions of WordPress, it should be explained that what each of those versions offers and brings to the table. also called self-hosted WordPress is the free, open-source software that you can install on your web host to create a website that is fully your own. is a paid service that is powered by software. It is the hosted version of…

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  • How to Host a Virtual Event in 2021 + Helpful Tools
    The spread of the Coronavirus crisis globally has changed the conditions for businesses, and the event industry has not been an exception either. When such an emergency strikes, it seems that everything is just coming to a standstill, and we are all aware of how the COVID-19 has shaken things up around us. Event planners and organizers should go for virtual events to avoid further loss of interest. We agree that the term virtual event seems to be a bit futuristic, but the truth is that it’s been around since 1993 when a coffee pot cam went live on the internet. Right now, many large conferences and events have gone online wholly or partially, which in turn brings advantages to them. A larger group of target audience alongside the reduced costs are the most prominent pros associated with this transformation. Whether you fancy it or not, many organizations are staging different types of virtual events on the internet, and it’s time for you to follow the same procedure as well. In this review, we are going to discuss virtual events and the tools you can use for your business. At the outset, you will have a bright idea about the solutions to be used as the novel Coronavirus spreads and keep on holding events at the highest rate of success. The Impacts of COVID-19 on the Events Industry The events industry is a significant global business that is represented by millions of professionals. Let it be a small local business or a nation-wide governmental regulation; everyone has struggled to cancel events and faced tough times over the past few months. Driven by the social distancing bits of advice, all those who deal with events in any way should rethink about the way things used to be. We don’t know how…

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  • Ultimate Guide to Boost & Improve WordPress SEO Ranking in 2021
    To get more visibility, impressions and to boost SEO ranking in the new online environment, websites should be shipped with the newest technologies, not just on the outside. The implementation of this principle opens up the door for prominent search engines such as Google to improve website rankings. It continues to show up on the top of the search-result pages as the ranking of a website goes up. As a result, more users are attracted to the website, and with them, more traffic, purchases, and income follow. Now that the impact of SEO or “Search Engine Optimized” is clear, what can one do to maximize the SEO performance & rankings of their websites? Are there any special secret tips and tricks for increasing website ranking? SEO’s Significance Top Google rankings are a pinnacle of online business success. According to Backlinko, the first result on Google gets 31.7 percent of all clicks — while results on the second page receive just .78 percent of clicks. I’ve talked to a lot of business owners and managers – newbies and veterans – who have gone crazy trying to unlock the secrets of how to improve Google ranking without getting penalized. The perception of SEO to a website owner, as mentioned above, feels like finding the last clue piece in the search to find a treasure hunter with a minor difference in the long-lost city of Atlantis; SEO is True. To no one’s horror, SEO-optimized websites reap a lot of publicity and other advantages, so they have more eyes fixed on them. The unflinching conviction that high ranking websites know how the game is played is nestled by nearly any nerd or semi tech-savvy, and quite frankly, they’re not mistaken. When search engines like to start labeling a website as SEO-privileged destinations, more users…

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  • 6 Common WordPress Hosting & Server Issues in 2021
    One of the most reputable platforms for creating a website is WordPress, and it is way beyond any fair doubt. No matter how quick & simple this CMS functions, for individuals running their website, there are always problems that arise and cause difficulties. If you are a beginning user and do not have enough knowledge of the technical aspects of website management, this can be desperate. But it is not always because these problems will result to getting hacked, conflicting plugins or a WordPress topic. At times, the blame is on the infrastructure of your website, such as your hosting service. WordPress hosting problems are common technical difficulties that come into light due to an array of reasons. Read on to find out about the 6 most common issues and the way you can fix them to minimize website downtimes. WordPress Hosting Issues WordPress hosting services are becoming more and more popular due to the increasing use of this CMS around the world. Such solutions have provided many website owners independence from certain common WordPress hosting issues, but there are still problems that need to be solved. Many of the server outages go back to the preferred service provider. Cheaper services also do not come with sufficient support, and team members may not be competent enough to provide the best consultation, even though you may provide reasonable support. You don’t want to make the website be unreachable or sluggish for a long time with that in mind. Knowing the root of problems so that you can manage them properly in your hosting is the secret to solving those problems. WordPress Affecting Server Problems It’s daunting to know that no matter how much effort you put into optimizing your site, other bad things can happen to it. You look into configurations,…

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